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Construction Notes from John:

This project was an expansion of the original cosmetic shipping plant situated on a site adjacent to the Los Angeles River channel.

The Client had additional acreage on the other side of the channel and couldn't use the site for expansion.

I met with Avon executives from Suffran, New York, and suggested it might be possible to span the channel and use the acreage and space above the channel for expansion. This would replace their plan to sell the property and use the sale funds to relocate to larger facilities.

I researched and negotiated with all the appropriate governmental agencies and concluded that what I suggested was possible.

The project was a success, with Client and City delighted with the completed project.

Site 48 acres
Location Monrovia, CA
Materials Tilt-up concrete with panelized built-up composition roof

Skylights and total HVAC system on roof

30 shipping-truck docks with air conditioned, truck accordion doors

Features Total conveyor belt mechanical system for 120 work stations, used for filling cosmetic saleswomen orders

Full cafeteria

Fully air conditioned

Total fire sprinklers Rest rooms

Executive offices in mezzanine

Adjacent two-story executive offices

Facility supplied all Avon shipping west of the Mississippi River

Innovation To span the channel, my structural engineer designed some of the longest, pre-stressed, post-tensioned concrete beams ever designed and utilized at that time

Pefab concrete panels formed the deck

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