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Soils Reports Can Save Time & Money

Written by John Rinaldi - Architect on October 9th, 2007

One of the most important parts of your construction job is the Soils Report, which is made before grading and construction begin.

A qualified Soils Engineer must investigate your site and prepare a soils report with a “perk test” added, if the project will be on a septic system. The perk test will determine the number of linear feet of the leach field required.

The report will also give you, as required by your County:

1. An expansion index, which indicates the amount of steel needed in footings and slab

2. The moisture content of the soil, which is very important to know before you pour any concrete

3. A liquefaction index, to indicate the possibility of sliding

4. Your seismic zone

The Soils Engineer will also inspect all placement of steel before pouring concrete, to assure that the local government inspector will “sign off” the inspection card under Concrete, and your job can continue.

Next Week: What Building Inspectors look for before concrete is poured

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