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Pros and Cons of Wood (Stick) Framing for Residential Projects

Written by John Rinaldi - Architect on February 21st, 2008

· Stick framing uses lumber for members
· Still readily available throughout the United States
· Easy to work with
· Experienced, licensed framers are familiar with the material
· Experienced framers have all the tools the material requires
· Most building inspectors are familiar with the stick assembly of homes
· All licensed architects are very familiar with stick framing
· Wood is a good insulator in conjunction with the proper insulation
· Wood is a recyclable material
· Recycling of wood waste is becoming mandatory by the governmental
jurisdiction in which the site is located
· The new code, C.B.C. 2007, does put new restrictions on the use of wood for
· Wood is cumbersome and heavy
· Electric, plumbing, and heating and ventilating contractors have to drill
through framing walls
· Wood does absorb moisture
· Wood is becoming more expensive
· Wood does put a burden on our forests
· Wood is becoming a scarcer material

Next Week: Pros and Cons of Wood (Stick) Framing for Commercial Projects

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