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Raised Wood Foundations v. Concrete Slabs

Written by John Rinaldi - Architect on March 20th, 2008

Raised Wood Foundation
1. Gives home a raised-platform look
2. Wood floor is easier on the feet
3. Can feel warmer with wood flooring over a sub floor
4. The crawl space required can pass utilities under the floor
5. Gives better access to plumbing and other utilities
1. More expensive
2. Takes longer to frame
3. Uses wood members = expensive
4. Need concrete stem-walls
5. Required 18″ minimum crawl space
6. Transfer of interior shear walls is tougher
7. Floor system sounds hollow
8. Tougher to insulate to Title 24; R-19 underside
9. Usually requires steps up to floor – handicap requires ramp
10.Usually requires steps to garage
11. In some areas, ground squirrels and gophers can be a problem
12. Not practical for radiant floor heating
13. If not installed properly, squeaky floors result

Next Week: Pros and Cons of Concrete Slabs

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