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Get Ready for the Building Inspector

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Before concrete is poured for any Project, a Building Inspector will visit the site to check the job. You should prepare for the following:
1. Have a signed Soils Report ready for him to read;
2. Any saturation of the soil in that Report will be checked;
3. He will check a stamped, approved set of drawings, which should always be ready
and accessible to all inspectors;
4. He will check the foundation plan against what is laid out in the foundation
a. Depth of footings and plate
b. Anchor bolt spacing
c. Holdown hardware
d. Shearwall lengths and placement
e. Slab steel and spacing
f. Steel slab concrete chocks to raise re-bar, for concrete to fully engulf
5. If any of the above is not to his satisfaction, he will leave a correction sheet
with items he feel must be corrected;
6. Usually, a telephone number is on the correction sheet, to call for re-

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