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Pros and Cons of Stucco

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Stucco in this blog means cement plaster with a stucco finish.

1. This is a 3-coat process, with metal lath over an underlayment paper
a. The first coat is the Scratch Coat of cement plaster
b. The second coat is the Brown Coat, also of cement plaster
c. The finish coat, of stucco, has color and texture
2. Structurally, stucco adds stability to a wood or metal frame
3. The material is fluid and adapts to any architectural style needed
4. The material can have the color and texture desired
5. It is fireproof
6. It is maintenance free
7. It reflects quality of construction
8. Stucco has insulation qualities
9. It is environmentally friendly
1. Stucco will generate minor expansion cracks, like concrete. These, however, can be tolerated, or they can be easily patched
2. It has a flat look from a distance, with no texture like siding
3. Stucco can be a messy operation
4. Stucco debris removal can cost extra

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