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Basic Requirements For Obtaining A Building
Permit In San Luis Obispo County

Premises are:

Owner has title to property
Owner can qualify for financing

There are approximately 12 important requirements that need to be addressed:

  1. Boundary survey - legal description - A.P.N. (Assessor's Parcel Number);
  2. Soils report (expansion index) for percolation test by Soils Engineer;
  3. Percolation test will indicate septic system design by Civil Engineer (if needed);
  4. If hilly terrain - possibly a topographic map;
  5. If difficult site - possibly a geology report;
  6. Grading required - grading and drainage plan by registered Civil Engineer;
  7. Grading required - Soil Engineer supervision and inspections;
  8. If on a well, possibly a well report;
  9. Architectural drawings;
  10. Structural calculations and details by Structural Engineer
  11. Energy calculations by Mechanical Engineer
  12. Check availability of all utilities - electric, gas, telephone, cable TV
When architectural drawings are completed, they include compliance with an additional 6 requirements, along with the 12 listed above. These documents are then submitted to the local Building Department for plan check review and review by other local agencies (fire, police, etc.)

Agency fees required for any building project:
  1. Plan check fee;
  2. School fee (in excess of $2.50 /sq. ft. of habitable space);
  3. Park, bridge, earthquake fees, etc., depending upon local agencies;
  4. Building Permit fee
When plan check fee is paid, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks for plans to be processed by the Building Department.

When corrections and revisions are completed per plan check, and all required fees are paid, plans are stamped and signed for approval by building official, and Building Permit is issued.

Construction may now start on new home or project.

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