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Construction Notes from John:

This project was the idea of genius inventor Bill Lear of Learjet, and holder of patents for 8-Track Stereo, Car Safety Glass, and many other products we now enjoy.

This complex would house a highly secret incubator of inventors' spaces for research projects under development. The infrastructure would supply all types of sophisticated elements of gases, liquids, and special air.

The project was designed with total environmental consideration for specialized electrical, water and waste treatment.

When the incubator spaces generated any new production product, Bill Lear and Associates intended to do much testing of the product, then launch an industry based upon that product.

Site 16 acre industrial park
Location Orange County, CA
Materials Tilt-up concrete panes

Special solar-designed wall panels

Integrated pre-fabricated solar panels on steel construction

Steel and concrete floors

Habitable sq. ft 150,000 sq. ft.
Features Total fire sprinklered

Two stories - stairs and exits over-designed for safety

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