"Building this house has been a wild ride! With the pond, outdoor barbeque area, changing rooms for guests, and the infinite revisions and changes I had for John, it's amazing this project came to fruition. John hung in there with me, and I have the house and party area exactly how I envisioned it would be. Thanks a lot John, and come out for a drink, and a swim in the pond!"

D. Porter


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Construction Notes from John:

This 100-acre farming site is home to the client who was living in an original "cowboy frame" home after he purchased the property. He farmed the property, raising alfalfa and barley grain.

What was unique to his program was that he had a 2-1/2 acre irrigation pond on the site and wanted to build a home integrating the pond and home. Since he had purchased the property, he had developed an interesting use of the ground surrounding this pond.

He had developed lawns, barbeque pits, restrooms, and guest parking adjacent to the pond, with the pond used for swimming. He rented this part of the property to groups for functions like weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings, etc., by the day or for a weekend.

Adjacent to the pond, he had also put in a world-class croquet court with a lawn that conforms to all the requirements of international croquet codes. National competitions were held here periodically. So - with that on-site, the owner gave this office his program requirements for his home.

The home incorporated the usual bedroom, living, bath requirements, but he also wanted to incorporate "the tower" for his office and as a viewpoint for his farm and recreational facility.

Therefore, I developed a floor plan to embrace one end of the pond. Kitchen, living room, breakfast room, and master bedroom overlook the pond. Adjacent to these rooms, a large patio reflects the curve of the pond and the plan.

Steps down from this concrete patio lead onto a pontoon-like landing for swimmers to sunbathe. This deck is for guest swimmers, and the upper concrete deck for the owner and his family.

The rooms facing the pond have "One Way" dual, low "e" glass. There is an oversized garage one level below the rear of the home. The garage roof provides a sundeck-patio area accessible only from the home.

Location Northern San Luis Obispo County

Site 100 gently sloping acres

Habitable sq.ft. 3,747 sq. ft.
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4.5
Materials Structural steel, rigid frame units - 2 x 6 framing

Field frame = steel columns

Cement plaster and smooth stucco finish

12 x 6 and 2 x 8 framing

R-19 and R-30 insulation

Special one-way glass windows, balance dual-glazed

Low "e" windows and sliding doors

Mission style concrete tile roof

Features Architecturally featured 2.5 acre pond

Office tower

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