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Construction Notes from John:

Located in Burbank City's Redevelopment Core, the owner of this project posed some interesting problems.

To fulfill his program, we presented the first mixed use building in California. This required many months of research, meetings with Building Code officials, city planning staff, and financial sources.

After solving many complex Code interpretations, we had a program as follows:

  • Ground floor commercial

  • Two and one-half levels of subterranean parking

  • Three stories above commercial= 139 retirement living units

  • Roof level - for use of residents of living units
What made the project unique was the roof use. Because of the project's location - in a downtown area - security and safety of the retired residents was extremely important. All resident activity use needed to be provided for somewhere within the building, and we chose the rooftop.

We also provided a private lobby and waiting room, with post boxes, and elevators and stairs to provide access to living units. Access to the lobby has TV and 24-hour guard protection. Because of the shape of the site, and floor plans of the units, an interior, open-to-the-sky patio resulted.

This open space reflected up to the roof, which provides a covered walking and jogging track around the rectangular space for the occupants. Stairs and elevators end in a large heated and cooled space for a lounge, TV, quiet activities and city lights viewing.

From this lounge, access to the rooftop is available. Rooftop activities include:
  • Sun bathing
  • Gardening
  • Ping-pong
  • Barbeque
  • Shuffleboard
  • And of course the walking-jogging track
All levels have access to laundry facilities that have large, well-lighted, colorful areas with comfortable seating. Waste and trash chutes are strategically placed for easy access throughout the building. All living units have a compact kitchen, sitting area, bedroom and bath.

Location Burbank, CA
Site 90,000 sq. ft. city lot

Habitable sq.ft. 72,000 sq. ft. Commercial

83,500 sq. ft. Living Units

240 Parking Spaces

Materials Underground garages

Reinforced concrete up to the deck above the commercial

Living Units - 2 x 8 frame

Cement plaster exterior

5/8" gypsum wall board

Fire sprinklered

All weather deck on roof top area

Innovation Unique mixed-use building, first in California

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