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Construction Notes from John:

This site is located in downtown Los Angeles, along a very busy, major artery. Because of the traffic and the noise it generates, special attention was directed to sound control. Another problem was that the building would be parallel to the street. Major entry to the facility is at the high end of the lot.

I decided to give the fašade that faced and paralleled the street, a very gentle curve away from the street. Because the property sloped down at one end, it gave us an opportunity to accommodate underground parking at that end.

The curve of the building also gave us an opportunity to give the major interior corridor a reflective curve and alleviate a straight "bowling alley" effect.

Elevators from the underground parking for staff, residents and delivery, are centered in the building.

The facility meets all state and city requirements for a convalescent facility, is fully fire sprinklered, and complies with all A.D.A. requirements.

Location Downtown Los Angeles

Site 90,000 sq. ft. lot

Parking 68 cars
Habitable Area 42 patients with baths and accommodating facilities

Materials Concrete garage floor

Super structure: pre-stressed concrete deck - Type 1

One story wood frame

2 x 6 and 2 x 8 framing

Gambrel roof with HVAC packages

Copper - high seam rib roof sheathing

Street side: triple glazed windows and doors, special frame assembly

Balance of windows and sliding doors: dual glazed, low "e" glass

Features Interior patios

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