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Construction Notes from John:

This project consists of one new, 3-story, Type III condominium office building over surface parking. The site also contained 2 very old, abandoned, one-story buildings that were declared historical landmarks by the city of Burbank and the Historical Society.

They had once been the center of the old art of sail making, for medium to large sailing vessels in the port of Los Angles in the 1800s. When that industry declined, it was at a time, in the early 1900s, when the movie industry was growing and needed backdrop canvas scenery.

Owners of the buildings then started producing the backdrops, some 50 to 75 feet high, by 100s of feet long, for Westerns and other "outdoor" filming.

With that in mind, I felt this new mid-rise building had to reflect the architectural character of the old, adjacent buildings. I think the completed design, and the remodeling of the two existing buildings, was extremely successful, as the City of Burbank and the Historical Society gave the buildings and their owners special recognition for the work when it was completed.

The mid-rise was one of the first vertical condominium office buildings in the area. The two remodeled buildings were also sold as condominium units.

Movie industry executives rapidly bought the offices in the two historic one-story buildings, while many well-known recording companies and advertising agencies purchased spaces in the mid-rise.

Location Burbank, CA
Site 2.5 acres
Habitable sq.ft. Mid-rise: 40,000 sq. ft.

Materials Concrete superstructure with innovative steel "X" bracing

Steel floor framing with wood truss joists

1-1/8" plywood and lightweight concrete floors


Dual glazed low "e" windows

Concrete tile - cement plaster walls

3 elevators

Fully fire sprinklered

Wired for all updated requirements

Innovation 3-story central atrium, 30' x 90'

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